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Thus reads the basic idea underlying the open-ended property fund hausInvest .

Ever since it was launched in 1972, hausInvest has reported a positive annual performance.* The purpose of the safety-oriented strategy of the fund is to generate stable long-term returns for its 450,000 investors by investing in high-end office schemes, shopping centres and hotels.

hausInvest counts among the largest open-ended property funds in Europe. The Fund Management transacts no less than 85 percent of its real asset investments in Europe, and up to 15 percent in fast-growing markets around the world – a robust basis with an add-on option rich in opportunity.

Present in 54 Cities cities in 18 Countries countries, the fund owns altogether 94 properties.** Here,hausInvest focuses on high-end properties in prime locations, let to blue chip tenants on long-term leases.

This rich blend of regions and industries makes the fund less dependent on economic fluctuations. One of the key success factors of the fund is its broadly diversified real estate portfolio, comprising anything from office buildings, to shopping centres, and all the way to logistics and hotel buildings. Around 2,500 tenants representing a variety of industries share a floor area total of around2.2 million sqm**.

* Calculated according to the BVI method (excluding up-front fee, assuming immediate reinvestment of the distribution). Past performance is not a guide to future performance.
** As at: 31/03/2017

How Does an Open-Ended Property Fund like hausInvest Work?

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* The income equalisation method is applied pursuant to Art. 9, Sent. 2, Investment Tax Act (InvStG).