hausInvest invests in high-yield commercial real estate

Facts & Figures at a Glance

Key Figures at a Glance

Fund assets* 12,462.2 million EUR
Real estate assets** 10,487.3 million EUR
Gross liquidity*** 3,021.7 million EUR
Fund properties 95
Property spread across 55 Cities / 17 Countries
Foreign property share 76.8 %
Occupancy rate (as at 31/12/2015) 93.5 %
Total lettable area 2.2 million sqm
Number of tenants (as at 31/12/2015) ca. 2,100
TER (Total Expense Ratio)**** 1.05 %

* Net fund assets (gross fund assets minus liabilities and provisions)
** Including vacant plots and properties under construction, as well as properties held through real estate companies
*** Cash in banks and time deposits, as well as securities (100% of the quoted price)
**** The total costs (not including transaction costs) charged to the fund assets during the concluded financial year; as at 31/03/2014.


1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years
1.8 7.4 % 12.5 % 37 %

* Calculated according to the BVI method (excluding up-front fee, assuming immediate reinvestment of the distribution). Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Distribution (distribution date: 19/06/2017)

per share 0.6000 EUR
taxable incl. reinvestment 0.1805 EUR
basis of assessment for the corp. income tax incl. reinvestment 0.1805 EUR

As at: 31/07/2017; unless otherwise stated. Source: Commerz Real Investmentgesellschaft. A Commerz Real AG member company. Subject to error and change.

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Share values

* The income equalisation method is applied pursuant to Art. 9, Sent. 2, Investment Tax Act (InvStG).

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Figures up to and including 31/12/2001 represent prices converted from DEM into EUR. Exchange rate: 1 Euro = 1.95583 Deutschmark. Since 03/01/2003, the share value has been determined on a daily basis, not including legal or religious holidays or weekends.

Risk-return profile*

Lower risk

Higher risk

Potentially lower return

Potentially higher return

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This synthetic risk and reward indicator (SRRI) is calculated on the basis of past performance. Risk class 1 reflects the volatility of the fund during the past 5 years, determined on the basis of the monthly rates of return.

* Categorisation of the risk class is not guaranteed, and is subject to change. This fund was categorised with the above risk class because its rates of return show a low level of fluctuation.

Wertentwicklung seit 1972: Das wurde aus 10.000 €

Stand: 31/07/2017, Quelle: Commerz Real
Wertentwicklung: 1039,9 % (vom 07.04.1972 (Fondsauflage) bis 31/07/2017), berechnet nach BVI-Methode (ohne Ausgabeaufschlag, Ausschüttungen sofort wieder angelegt).

Wertentwicklungen der Vergangenheit bieten keine Gewähr für die Zukunft.

Wertentwicklung der vorangegangenen 5 Jahre

Stand: 31/07/2017, Quelle: Commerz Real
* Berechnet nach BVI-Methode (ohne Ausgabeaufschlag, Ausschüttung sofort wieder angelegt);
** Bei der Modellrechnung der Wertentwicklung für den Anleger (netto) für die zurückliegenden fünf Jahre werden ein Anlagebetrag von 1.000 Euro und 5,0 Prozent Ausgabeaufschlag unterstellt, der beim Kauf anfällt und im ersten Jahr abgezogen wird. Der Ausgabeaufschlag ist ein Höchstbetrag, der im Einzelfall geringer ausfallen kann. Zusätzlich können Depotgebühren zur Verwahrung der Anteile anfallen, welche die Wertentwicklung für den Anleger mindern können.

Wertentwicklungen der Vergangenheit bieten keine Gewähr für die Zukunft.

Geographic spread of the fund properties

Age structure of the fund properties

Remaining Lease Terms

As at: 31/07/2017

Main types of use

As at: 31/07/2017

Size categories of fund properties

Breakdown of tenants by industry

As at: 31/07/2017

The Opportunities of hausInvest
  • A simple and convenient way to invest in real estate tangibles
  • Stable income and low fluctuations in value (past performance is not a guide to future performance)
  • Wide risk diversification of the real estate across countries, locations, types of use, and tenant industry
  • High occupancy rate
  • Buying and redeeming shares through the fund company is fundamentally possible on any trading day.*
  • Tax benefits due to the high income-tax-exempt share of the return on investment (depending on the personal situation of the investor, and subject to change)
The Risks of hausInvest
  • The values of real estate and of cash or cash equivalents can fluctuate.
  • Real estate assets are subject to inherent risks, such as occupancy rate, location, tenant credit worthiness, and project developments.
  • Despite extensive currency hedging, a residual currency risk remains.
  • The redemption of shares is subject to a 24-month minimum holding period and a 12-month notice period.*
  • Real estate funds are principally exposed to the risk that share redemptions might be temporarily suspended in response to exceptional situations, including the possibility of an orderly dissolution of the fund that would involve the disposal of assets and the subsequent disbursement of the proceeds.
  • Fund shares acquired by 22 July 2013 may possibly be redeemed swifter, putting shares acquired on 22 July 2013 or thereafter at a disadvantage.

* Any shares acquired on 22 July 2013 or thereafter are subject to the 24-month minimum holding period and the twelve-month notice period. Redemptions of shares acquired before 22 July 2013 may ignore the notice periods, except when exceeding the exemption limit of 30,000 euros per calendar half-year. No redemption is possible whenever the fund company has suspended the redemption of fund shares due to legal requirements.

For detailed information, please see the latest Annual and Semi-Annual Reports, in other publications detailing essential investor information, as well as the Sales Prospectus of the Fund, all of which are available in German as hard copy or file from us. Go to Media Centre