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  • Scope Award for the
    „Deal of the Year“

    Commerz Real wins Scope Award “Deal of the Year”
    for acquisition of Neue Direktion Köln

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Understanding Capital Investment

Positive year after year – Since 1972

Invest in more than 100 properties in Europe and elsewhere in the world by acquiring shares in our hausInvest open-ended real estate fund. Since its launch in 1972, the fund has always yielded a positive return on investment as a result of active portfolio and asset management.* The objective of the safety-oriented strategy of hausInvest is to achieve a stable long-term performance for the fund's roughly 450,000 investors, and this has been accomplished since 1972. With hausInvest, you will invest in sound tangible assets.

*Calculated according to the BVI method (excluding up-front fee, assuming immediate reinvestment of the distribution). Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Understanding Capital Investment

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Hotel in Hollywood

Das 4 Sterne Boutique Hotel "The Everly" befindet sich in fußläufiger Entfernung zum berühmten Hollywood Boulevard. Zur Ausstattung gehören ein Rooftop-Pool und eine Rooftop-Bar, die einen tollen Ausblick über Los Angeles bieten.

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Scope Confirms Sound Ratings for the Fund hausInvest (A) and for the Asset Management of Commerz Real (AA)

This year, as in previous years, the independent rating agency Scope* rated Germany’s open-ended real estate funds and their management companies...

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* Scope Ratings is a rating agency officially approved by the German Supervisory Authority for Financial Services (BaFin). Other well-known rating agencies approved by BaFin include Moody's Investors Service and Fitch Ratings, among others.

Wertentwicklung seit 1972: Das wurde aus 10.000 €

Stand: 31/07/2017, Quelle: Commerz Real
Wertentwicklung: 1039,9 % (vom 07.04.1972 (Fondsauflage) bis 31/07/2017), berechnet nach BVI-Methode (ohne Ausgabeaufschlag, Ausschüttungen sofort wieder angelegt).

Wertentwicklungen der Vergangenheit bieten keine Gewähr für die Zukunft.

Performance, 30/04/2011 - 31/07/2017

Calculated pursuant to the statutory requirements, incl. a maximum up-front fee of 5%.
Up-front fee currently quoted on hausinvest.de: 0.0 %
As at: 31/07/2017
* Calculated using the BVI method (not counting up-front fee, assuming immediate reinvestment of distribution); past performance is not indicative of future returns.
** The model calculation of the (net) performance for the past five years assumes an investment amount of 1000 euros plus 5.0 percent up-front fee charged at the time of sale and deducted during the first year. The up-front fee represents a maximum amount not necessarily charged in full, as the case may be. Up-front fee currently charged when you open an online Bausteinkonto safe custody account on www.hausinvest.de: 0 percent. In addition, custody-account charges possibly incurred for keeping the shares could impact the performance for the investor. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

12 Monate in 120 Sekunden

94 Immobilien, 51 Städte, 18 Länder. Über 12 Mrd. Euro Fondsvermögen, 2,1 % Jahresrendite, 650.000 Anleger: Dieses Video zeigt Ihnen die Fakten des vergangenen Geschäftsjahres in 120 Sekunden.

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