"We seek to fix up properties in a way that will make them appealing for the tenants even 15 years down the road."


Mario Schüttauf, Fund Manager hausInvest

The Real Estate Portfolio of hausInvest

The real assets of hausInvest are widely diversified both geographically and in terms of use types: Take an office property in Amsterdam, a shopping centre in London, a hotel in Berlin, and a logistics warehouse near Hanover – and you get a small cross section of our fund portfolio.

Its wide spread of assets makes hausInvest less dependant on economic trends, and thus creates a sound basis for the fund. At the moment, more than 100 fund properties are spread across 56 Cities cities in 16 Countries countries. Particularly prominent in the portfolio are the markets of France, Germany and the United Kingdom. They are supplemented by other European countries and selected locations in Asia and America.


Modern shopping centres are equally popular with shoppers and investors.

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Shopping experience with high recreational benefits – retail real estate service counts among the sought property segments – after all, people will always go shopping.

Modern shopping centres are equally popular with shoppers and investors. For they combine the consumer experience with a qualified leisure options. Not only will you find luxury, trend and convenience goods all under the same roof. But once you are done shopping you may choose among restaurants, cinemas and gyms to relax. It is a success model that works across the globe and promises long-term profitability. For the fund management, the challenge is to pick the right offer from an ample supply – and to scrutinise them more closely than others might. For instance, characteristics like sustainably stable rents matter more to us than high but short-lived ones. At the moment, the portfolio of the open-ended property fund hausInvest includes a total of 12 shopping centres in economically attractive locations in Europe and Japan. They play a key role in diversifying the portfolio of hausInvest in regard to both geographic region and economic use type. With a view to the favourable experience we have made with retail assets, we intend to keep expanding their share beyond the current 30 percent.

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Office real estate accounts for around 60% of the hausInvest real estate portfolio

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Office real estate accounts for around 60 percent of the hausInvest property portfolio. The assets are picked by the fund management with an eye on modern, sustainable property, the objective being to negotiate lucrative long-term leases. The approach works hand in glove with the steadily increasing demand for prime office accommodation.

Goodbye to White-Collar Tedium
Even in turbulent times, modern workplaces have a high wellbeing factor. For breathing easy and working hard is no longer a contradiction in terms. First-class fit-out, plenty of sunlight, and up-beat colour schemes inspire productivity – the right kind of frame for global transactions among renowned corporates.

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The hubs of our global day and age – busy around the clock

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Hotels are hubs – busy around the clock. They connect people and markets – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is very much a growth-driven industry: After all, the mobility of people worldwide is rising.

Top locations for hotels in Europe include London, Paris, and Berlin. Here, hausInvest has a footprint of currently seven hotels – all of them fully occupied. Overall, the hotel share of the hausInvest portfolio is approaching 3 percent. These properties play a key role in the continued effort to diversify the portfolio of hausInvest even further.

With a market share of around 8 percent, budget and economy hotels have plenty of growth potential left when compared to the UK (30 percent) and France (57 percent). It is reasonable to expect the market share in Germany to climb to somewhere between 20 and 30 percent in the medium term. Among the major market participants in this segment counts the French Accor Group – Germany's leading hotel operator – which operates the brands Etap-Hotel, Ibis, Mercure, and Novotel. Motel One was among the fastest growing brands, expanding from 18 branches in 2007 to 43 hotels nationwide today. Both Accor and Motel One are tenants ofhausInvest properties.

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